P. J. P. McGeorge

P. J. P. McGeorgeGraduated from the Institute of Archaeology University of London and later received her PhD from the same institute in 1983. She has worked extensively on excavations in Europe, Libya and the Near East and was responsible for the recovery of the Neolithic burials from Abu Hureyra (Euphrates Dam Project 1973); held fellowships from the Leverhulme foundation and the Royal Society for post-doctoral research; taught undergraduates (2004-2006) and has been a graduate student advisor/examiner to students at the University of Crete since 2001.  Her research interests have focused mainly on Minoans and Mycenaeans and publications include studies in volumes of SIMA (:XCIII),  BAR (:988, 1917) and elsewhere. In Crete, her most recent research has been on the Hagios Charalambos Cave Ossuary and the Mycenaean Cemetery at Khania.  She has a special interest in disease and the practice of ancient medicine. 

At Petras she has studied the infant burial in House I.1.



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