Nektaria Mavroudi

N.MavroudiNektaria graduated from the Department of History and Archaeology of the University of Crete. In 2005 she obtained her Master’s Degree on Prehistoric Archaeology, in the Program “Ancient Mediterranean World” of the same University, being on a National Fellowship. She has participated in numerous excavations and studies of archaeological material in many sites an Crete and elsewhere. She works as a contract archaeologist at the Herakleion Archaeological Museum in the project of the renewal of the Museum and the Museological study for the new exhibition in preparation. She recently took a graduate seminar on Special Education and Psychological Support of people with special needs, at the University of the Aegean, studying accessibility issues of the Greek museums. Ν. Μavroudi studied the architecture of House II.1 at Petras for the Master’s thesis at the University of Crete.


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